WRWW originally had the call sign of WLHS when it first went on air in 2004 as a streaming only station. When Lowell Area Schools secured a low-power FM license from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in 2014, it was then assigned the WRWW call sign. Now it broadcasts at 92.3 FM locally (Lowell area school district) and world-wide from it streaming station at lowellradio.org Both stations can be heard 24/7/365.

WRWW is a non-commercial educational radio station.

WRWW plays a wide variety of ‘clean’ music from the 1950’s to present times.

Sometimes the radio station is referred to as ‘WRWW, 92.3, The Boat’ in reference to the historical Lowell Showboat which started in 1931. That legacy continues today.

The radio station presently has approximately 46,000 songs in its Music Media Library. Most of those tracks were placed there from more than 3,300 original CD’s donated by our listeners.

The radio studio mixer/board has the ability to place as many as five individuals on-air at the same time.

Vinyl record turntables and a CD player ‘compliment’ the existing electronic layout in the radio studio.

A for-credit class (Radio Broadcasting 101) is now offered to interested Lowell High School students.

Students have had the opportunity to be involved in the WRWW radio program as on-air ‘personalities’, sportscasters, and equipment technicians.

More than 3,800 student on-air shows have been aired over the last several years.

More than 88,000 underwriter/donor announcements have been aired in the daily rotations.

More than 2,200,000 music tracks have been aired since the inception (2004) of the radio station