72 Lowell High School sports events broadcast by the WRWW Sports Broadcasting Crew for the 2023/2024 school year. More to come.

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Dakota Krzysik
Assistant Station Manager

Maya Kemp

Rowan Creasy

Logan Arnswald

Jackson Pelletier

Micah McDonald

Eli Wilcox

Tray Coulier

Connor Rapson

Connor Rapson & Tray Coulier

Eli Wilcox & Micah McDonald

Jackson Pelletier & Logan Arnswald

Elliott Butler

Elliott Butler & Rowan Creasy

Sports Broadcasting Club

Eli Wilcox

Micah McDonald

Sam Washburn

Connor Rapson

Kyle Stauffer

Tray Coulier

Rowen Creasy

AJ Anaya

Evan Langenbach

Rex Moore